MPT 2″

These automatic flow control valves are designed to give constant flow over a wide pressure range. The internal controlling mechanism has no moving part, consisting only of a flexible orifice that varies with applied pressure maintaining a constant flow rate.

Available In
  • FCGF-10NL  10.00 GPM
  • FCGF-11.5NL  11.50 GPM
  • FCGF-12NL  12.00 GPM
  • FCGF-13.5NL  13.50 GPM
  • FCGF-15NL  15.00 GPM
  • FCGF-20NL  20.00 GPM
  • FCGF-25NL  25.00 GPM
  • FCGF-30NL  30.00 GPM

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