BoshartU Disclaimer

Any educational content presented by Boshart Industries Inc. is not to be interpreted or utilized, in any way, as a complete, exhaustive, authoritative piece of advice on anything related to the plumbing or water well industries, among others.

No piece of content created and distributed by Boshart Industries Inc. is intended to be construed as legal advice, code-satisfied commission, or used as justification for any ramifications that anyone should encounter as a result of having read and interpreted the application of this content.

Always consult with your local building code for proper regulations on plumbing installations according to your own town, city, province, state, or country.

Boshart Industries Inc. always recommend that plumbing be executed by a licensed professional familiar with regional, provincial, state, and federal law and regulation. Any untrained persons who consume our content and intend to apply its knowledge do so solely at their own risk.

Boshart Industries Inc. does not communicate that our content is fully void of any miscommunications of ideas or concepts; whether through misspelled words, misunderstood phrases, or poorly communicated details. It is always advised that our content be compared against other reputable and authoritative sources on plumbing and water well in order to validate that anything we are saying is correct. 

Boshart Industries Inc. assumes no responsibility for the misapplication of any advice presented in any form of content, nor do we assume the responsibility even if the application of this advice has been properly interpreted, and it is found that our instruction was incorrect.

We have taken extensive measures to ensure that everything we present is, to the best of our knowledge, factually correct both according to our own experiences as professionals in the plumbing and water well industries since 1955, and according to our knowledge and understanding of the plumbing industry since that time as well.

As with all education taken for free from the internet, proceed with caution. Consult with governing bodies for the specifics that may apply to your jurisdiction.

The term “content” may refer to (but is not limited to):

•  Blog posts on BoshartU

•  eBooks downloaded from BoshartU

•  Videos distributed by Boshart Industries Inc.

•  Social media posts distributed by Boshart Industries Inc.

•  Lectures or product training given by a Boshart Industries Inc. staff or affiliate

•  Email communications of any kind from Boshart Industries Inc. 

•  Any other form of communication, written, verbal, or digital, from a representative of Boshart Industries Inc. 

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