WTCL Series Premium Watertight Well Caps

Boshart’s premium watertight well caps provide easy access to the well without interfering with the seal to the casing or conduit wiring. These caps have a three piece design and have a blue powder coat paint that is baked on to ensure superior quality. They feature thick, heavy duty SBR gaskets and all stainless steel hardware for maximum corrosion resistance.
The caps are supplied with a grounding terminal and the metal cap is bonded to the steel casing with set screws. Venting cap has a steel mesh to ensure they are vermin proof and two accessory ports for field installation of accessories. A locking feature provides a secure / tamper proof design.
Stop tabs allow for easy and accurate positioning of the lower assembly.

Available In
  • WTCL-C10  10"
  • WTCL-C12  12"
  • WTCL-C14  13.18"

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