2-1/2″ x 9-7/8″ Individual

Boshart’s spun filter cartridges are manufactured with melt blown technology into a multi-layer structure to provide superior filter efficiency, reduced pressure drop and increased cartridge life. The standard specification meets most of the housings in the market. Gradient four layer (outside-in), varied micron rate filter structure to capture particles effectively and prolong cartridge life. Cartridge can achieve up to two times that of the double layers. Spun filters consist of 100% high purity polypropylene which is surfactant free, binder free and adhesive free. They have good chemical resistance and is not prone to bacterial attack.
The flow rates listed are based on their maximum efficiency. They can be used with flow rates above what is listed but will not filter as effectively.

Available In
  • 14-SP1-01  1.00
  • 14-SP1-05  5.00
  • 14-SP1-10  10.00
  • 14-SP1-25  25.00
  • 14-SP1-50  50.00

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