Boshart’s non-metallic sheathed cabels can be used in wet locations, and in barns & other animal enclosures where not exposed to mechanical injury. This wire can be used where exposed to weather or direct earth burial (with protection as required by the inspection authority). It is a very good cable to use for supplying a garage, garden shed or lawn lights. Use for Category 1 and 2 locations (Ref. CE Code Part 1 Section 22) including barns, stables, etc. Consult the Canadian Electrical Code 1 for further information related to applications. Caution: Although NMWU is similar in appearance to NMD, it is in fact quite different.

Available In
  • NMWU10-2  #12
  • NMWU12-2  #14
  • NMWU14-2  #14
  • NMWU6-2  #10
  • NMWU8-2  #10

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