Floatless Liquid Level Control Systems

These floatless liquid level control systems provide automatic low level cut-off protection for submersible pumps and deep well turbines. They operate from two types of electrodes suspended at desired levels. Permits efficient operation at full capacity and eliminates danger of pumping air or sand.
LH Relay is a pump down control for sewage & sump pump and condensate return systems.
RH Relay is a pump up control for supply pumps on elevated tanks and towers.
DH Relay is a two way control system for pump up or pump down.

Available In
  • DH-115  115_360_voltage
  • DH-230  230_360_voltage
  • LH-115  115_360_voltage
  • LH-230  230_360_voltage
  • RH-115  115_360_voltage
  • RH-230  230_360_voltage

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