Mechanical Alternators – Closed Tank

Flange mounted with bushing for control of liquid level within a closed tank. Build up the switch to meet your requirements from the basic switch, rod kit, and float kit groups below. Type C switches are attached to the tank by means of a 2-1/2 in. screw-in bushing. An external pointer indicates the float position within the tank when the unit is mounted. Switches come complete with screw-in connector, stainless steel float and rod.
Sample part number: Class 9038, Type CG, Pressure Code 32

Available In
  • 9038CG31  6-1/2" to 13"
  • 9038CG32  6-1/2" to 13"
  • 9038CG36  4-3/4" to 9-1/4"

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