Flexible couplings are for joining dissimilar pipe materials and/or sizes in utility, municipal and plumbing applications, including sewer, drain, waste and vent (DWV) piping applications. Couplings fit over the ends of plain-end or spigot pipe to form a positive seal against infiltration and exfiltration in non-pressure environments. Excellent dimensional flexibility with a tolerance range of approximately ± 5% nominal diameter which allows the coupling to flex with normal earth movement and ensures leak proof seals.
• Couplings are marked with both size and pipe materials for easy identification and installation
• Clamps tighten easily with slotted screwdriver

Available In
  • FRC01-40  4"
  • FRC01-5040  5" x 4"
  • FRC01-60  6"
  • FRC01-6040  6" x 4"
  • FRC01-6050  6" x 5"

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