CTS Tee Valve

The twist and lock system is designed for residential & commercial plumbing, and suitable for cold and hot potable water supply systems only. These all white fittings have color coded rings for easy recognition of size and easy verification of lock/unlock status at a distance. They are removable and re-useable without damage to plumbing or fittings. Integral tube support for PEX installations.
• For tube sizes 1/8″ (0.25″ O.D.), 1/4″ (0.375″ O.D.), 3/8″ (0.5″ O.D.), 1/2″ (0.625″ O.D.), 3/4″ (0.875″ O.D.), 1″ (1.125″ O.D.)

Available In
  • PTLSCTV-0501  1/2" x 1/8"
  • PTLSCTV-0502  1/2" x 1/4"

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