CTS x FPT Water Connector

Brass Push Fit Fittings can be used for potable water, hydronic heating systems, new residential, and commercial construction applications. They are approved for use for both underground and behind walls with or without access panels. Excellent for wet, hazardous and dry repairs of existing plumbing where a system is hard to drain making soldering difficult. They connect copper, CPVC and PEX pipe in any combinations. Fittings can be rotated after assembly for easier installation in tight spaces and do not require tools, soldering flux, clamps unions or glue.
• For tube sizes 3/8″ (0.5″ O.D.), 3/4″ (0.875″ O.D.), 1″ (1.125″ O.D.)

Available In
  • BPF-WC05-18  1/2"
  • BPF-WHC0507-18  1/2" x 3/4"
  • BPF-WHC07-18  3/4"

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