WTCL Series Premium Watertight Well Cap

Boshart’s premium watertight well cap installs fast & simply allowing for easy access to the well for maintenance. The three piece design allows the cover to be removed without disturbing the seal to the well casing, or interfering with the wiring / conduit. A blue powder coat paint is baked on to ensure superior quality.
It features a thick, heavy duty SBR gasket and a deep socket to ensure the watertight seal is down from the top of the well casing. All hardware is stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance. This cap is supplied with a grounding terminal and the metal cap is bonded to the steel casing with set screws.
A 2″ mushroom venting cap with a steel mesh makes them vermin proof and a locking feature provides a secure/ tamper proof design. Lock is not included. Cap can be personalized by means of an engraved aluminum plate which is affixed by drive rivets.

Available In
  • WTCL-C08

List Price A per unit

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