FPT 1/2″

The Flomatic® Flo-Trol® CD900 automatic flow control valves are designed to give constant flow over a wide pressure ranges. The valve design has no moving part; rather a self-cleaning flexible orifice that varies in size with applied pressure so that a constant flow rate is maintained. See tech sheet for various applications.
– 3″ MPT models (CDK series) are available by special order. Contact sales for details.

Available In
  • CDB1.0  1.00 GPM
  • CDB1.5  1.50 GPM
  • CDB2.0  2.00 GPM
  • CDB2.5  2.50 GPM
  • CDB3.0  3.00 GPM
  • CDB3.5  3.50 GPM
  • CDB4.0  4.00 GPM
  • CDB5.0  5.00 GPM
  • CDB6.0  6.00 GPM

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