FPT Standard Duty

Designed for the control of electrically driven water pumps. Diaphragm actuated.
• FSG is the standard water pump switch, suitable for all types of pumps: jets, submersible, reciprocating, etc.
• FYG is designed to meet higher horsepower and pressure requirements.
• FRG is reverse acting: contacts open on falling pressure.
Sample part number: Class 9013, Type FSG2, Pressure Code J20, Form C20

Available In
  • 9013FSG2J20  20-40 PSI
  • 9013FSG2J20C20  20-40 PSI
  • 9013FSG2J21  30-50 PSI
  • 9013FSG2J21C20  30-50 PSI
  • 9013FSG2J24  40-60 PSI
  • 9013FSG2J24C20  40-60 PSI
  • 9013FSG52J25  60-80 PSI
  • 9013FSG52J33  50-70 PSI

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