FPT x MPT 1/2″

Boshart’s Gas Appliance Connectors allow for the proper alignment of a fixed piping system to the gas appliance. They are easy to install and have deep corrugations to enhance their flexibility. This series has a yellow polymer coating to cover the entire length of the connector. This provides protection from ammonia, acids, chlorine and other corrosive chemicals as well as environment influences such as UV rays and sea salt.

Available In
  • GAC-F8M8-12  12"
  • GAC-F8M8-18  18"
  • GAC-F8M8-24  24"
  • GAC-F8M8-36  36"
  • GAC-F8M8-48  48"
  • GAC-F8M8-60  60"
  • GAC-F8M8-72  72"

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