Merchant Countersunk Hex Socket Plug

Merchant steel fittings are designed with Dryseal Taper Threads (NPTF) for more critical applications where the sealing compound may fail due to high heat or pressure, NPTF Dryseal threads produce a mechanical seal by the mating and slight crushing of the threads when a wrench is applied to tighten the fittings.

Available In
  • BLMPCHS-01  1/8"
  • BLMPCHS-02  1/4"
  • BLMPCHS-03  3/8"
  • BLMPCHS-05  1/2"
  • BLMPCHS-07  3/4"
  • BLMPCHS-10  1"
  • BLMPCHS-12  1-1/4"
  • BLMPCHS-15  1-1/2"
  • BLMPCHS-20  2"

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