Pump Up Polypropylene 1-1/2HP/240V/13AMP

Boshart’s Float (Pump) Switch is used to turn a pump on and off in environments with temperatures up to 140° F. This product can be used for a variety of applications, including but not limited to: septic tanks, sump pits, water tank, pump chambers, and any other empty or liquid tank applications. Available in 120VAC piggyback plug, and 240VAC piggyback plug. The float switches are mechanically operated using switching contacts and are activated by the ball inside the float housing. For use as empty tank (normally open) or fill tank (normally closed) configuration with multiple types of float attachments for mounting and various cable lengths.

Available In
  • FS13U240PB-15  15.00
  • FS13U240PB-20  20.00

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