Standard Duty

Designed to be the most adaptable switch on the market, the 69J offers the user the flexibility to build the pressure switch around the compressor–not the other way around. The unloader can be mounted on the front or either side, and can be rotated to any of eight different positions allowing for quicker assembly and shorter tubing. Bottom cable entry is also available with unique built-in clamping strain relief for even quicker assembly. With thousands of variations right off the production line, the 69J provides maximum flexibility at minimum cost.

Available In
  • 69JF6  80-100 PSI
  • 69JF7  95-125 PSI
  • 69JF8  115-150 PSI
  • 69JG6  80-100 PSI
  • 69JG7  95-125 PSI
  • 69JG8  115-150 PSI

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