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Boshart has been developing Pro-Certified products since 1955 with proven quality to withstand the heat long term and give confidence to all your plumbing applications so you can “trust what’s behind the wall.”

Water Well &
Water Works

Boshart offers a full line of products that span residential, commercial, industrial and well applications across North America and has been delivering sustainability to waterworks contractors for many years.

Industrial &

Whether you are running a food processing plant, manufacturing facility, barn or greenhouse where water is required, you can reduce downtime and increase production with Boshart’s superior plumbing accessories.

Sump & Sewage
Pool & Spa

Boshart’s high quality accessories, ensure smooth operation of your system and with our extensive Quality Assurance process, we make sure that the products you are putting in your systems are reliable and worry free.

The Boshart Advantage 

Incredible Selection

We stock an incredible range of products, and usually have the item you need here and ready.

Product Knowledge

Our team represents a unique depth of knowledge and experience within the industry.

Team Support

We're here. All of us. And we're here to help you, from product selection to order fulfillment.

At Your Door

We offer quick shipping solutions throughout North American markets.

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